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National Service Scheme aims the development of personality of its volunteers by taking up socially committed activities.The motto of NSS “Not Me But You” upholds the need for self-less service.It helps the students to understand the society in which they live in a better way.The philosophy of NSS emphasizes the belief that the welfare of an individual depends on the welfare of the society.

The NSS unit is affiliated to IHRD Cell of National Service Scheme.The directorate takes up its own flagship programmes.It was awarded the best directorate  NSS.It organizes various developmental activities and conducts various training programmes for the development of the students as well as community.

Recent Activities

14-11-2018 CHILDREN's DAY

Children's day was celebrated in Govt LPS Kanjirathummood.The students as well as teachers were excited to have a great day of colours and words. In order to celebrate Children's day,heavy preparations were needed.Various exhibits and chart paper items were created by the volunteers. The volunteers made excellent toys , creating chota bheem , dora etc. There were lot of cartoon characters getting shaped in the hands of the students.

 Children's Day Preparations art Work

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