College of Applied Science, Puthuppally

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Department of Computer Science

The objective of the department is to provide knowledge of modern computing systems as well as sound theoretical background to meet evolving needs of students so as to bridge the gap between the academia and corporate sector. Also the department aims at cultivating qualities like leadership, teamwork, self confidence, good communication skills among its students. The department is committed to insure lifelong learning attitude among its students.In order to bridge the gap between knowledge and its true application, students are required to undertake seminars, mini-project and main project that put them through an industry-like situation. Our mission is to develop the human and intellectual resources needed to meet the future technological challenges in the field of computing. This includes developing computer scientists and computer engineers for positions of leadership in industry, government, and academia

Department of Electronics

The department of Electronics has started in the year 1994 with a vision to develop professionals with expertise in electronics and hardware design. The department has well equipped laboratories and highly experienced faculty. Electronics is the branch of physics and technology that concerned with the behaviour and movement of electrons in a vacuum,gas,semiconductor, etc. A course in electronics emphasis on the design and working of electronic devices as well as the principle behind those devices. It includes both the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge of the electronic devices. This course has computer science as a complementary course. So that the students will be having a knowledge about the computer languages too. This course is also offers a good career.

Department of Commerce

Commerce department started its functioning during 2019-2020 academic year with B Com. With Computer Applications course. Now we have B.Com Model I Finanance and Taxation course and soon M.Com Finanace will be starting. The department aims at imparting in depth knowledge and professional skills required for handling computer application in business entities and corporate enterprises.


Computer Science
HOD (Computer Science)
K. Krishnan Veni
Asst. Professor (Computer Science)
Binu Sugathan
Asst. Professor (Computer Science)
Sindhu A R
Asst. Professor (Computer Science)
Jaison D Joseph
Asst. Professor (Computer Science)(On WA)
Shefin C Azeez
Asst. Professor (Computer Science)
Najeezha Nazar
Asst. Professor (Computer Science)
Roopa Ramaswamy
HOD Electronics
Bindumol P T
Asst. Professor (Electronics)
Sarath N Ponnappan
Asst. Professor (Electronics)
Hridya M P
Asst. Professor (Electronics)
Anuroja A S
HOD (In Charge) Asst. Professor (Commerce)
Arya K Vijayan
Asst. Professor (Commerce)
Ambily P R
Asst. Professor (Commerce)
Ambily V R
Asst. Professor (Electronics)
Venugopal K B
Asst. Professor (Malayalam)
Renu Susan Thomas
Asst. Professor (English)